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“House Ad Project” added for classes or self-directed learners
21 Jul 2014 - Scott Armstrong

The “House Ad” is an integrative project for in-residence training or for self-learners. It allows learners to demonstrate applications of principles and techniques for creating advertisements. This format can be used for any product or service. It is described here.

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Persuasion Principles Checklist for Creating Advertisements introduced
14 Jul 2014 - Jessie

Rui Du (Jessie) has developed the “Persuasion Principles Checklist for Creating Advertisements”. This creativity aid uses all 195 advertising principles summarized in Armstrong (2010). Check the Beta version here. It cannot be rushed. Use the Checklist when you are well rested. Use short work sessions and allow calendar time to reflect on the process. The checklist is provided online, so it is more convenient to use. For example it can be used on tablet computers.

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Commercial Illustrating a Principle

Principle - 8.6.1. Consider using visuals that create favorable associations with the product. - Complies
British Coal Ad: Real Fires - 0:28

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Each commercial was selected to illustrate a single principle. Some show commercials that comply with a principle; others show ones that violate a principle. They are in numerical order; so if you would like to find an earlier one, refer to the complete list of commercials.



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Principle of the day:

10.3.2 If music or sound effects are used, make them relevant to the product

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