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 Examples of Still Ads that Comply (or Violate) Principles

When considering the use of a principle, you might want to look at still ads that have successfully applied the principle. Ogilvy had suggested copying the styles of advertisers that you thought to be effective.

Looking at ads that violate the principle will help you to extend your understanding of how the principle should be applied. To do this, go to the principle that you are considering and select ads that “comply” to see a good application of the principle, and select ads that “violate” for a bad application.


Examples of Still Ads


 Commercials and Webcasts that Comply (or Violate) Principles

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Principle - 1.4.3 Show the price to be a good value against the reference price - Complies

Famous Keeping up with the Kremplers Beetle - 1:00


Principle - 2.2.1 Show that the product is widely used - Violates
Reebok UBU - 1:00


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Principle of the day:

6.9.1 Consider negative advertising when there is only one major alternative to your brand, that brand has serious shortcomings, and industry demand is not a key factor

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