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Advertising Principles

Aims: This evidence-based site summarizes empirical research on how to develop persuasive communications and how to test their persuasiveness. It provides specific advice on what to do in what situations. It explains why the principles work and provides evidence on their effectiveness. For more on the aims, see "Welcome."


6 books that influence guru Robert Cialdini wants you to read
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By Jonathan Burton Dec 26, 2016

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The Chinese edition of Persuasive Advertising: Evidence-based Principles has been published
03 Dec 2016 - Jessie

The Chinese edition of Persuasive Advertising: Evidence-based Principles has been published by the Commercial Press of China, and is on sale at A team of four advertising professors from the U.S., Australia and China and its editors spent three years sculpting its English content into its Chinese counterpart. Its original author [ ... ]

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Daily Commercial

Principle - 8.8.1. Consider using humor for well-known, low-involvement products. - Violates
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Each commercial was selected to illustrate a single principle. Some show commercials that comply with a principle; others show ones that violate a principle. They are in numerical order; so if you would like to find an earlier one, refer to the complete list of commercials.



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