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Aims:This evidence-based site summarizes empirical research on how to develop persuasive communications and how to test their persuasiveness. It provides specific advice on what to do in what situations. It explains why the principles work and provides evidence on their effectiveness. For more on the aims, see "Welcome."


Software revision for “How to Select an Advertising Agency”
27 Aug 2014 - Jessie

Improvements were made on the software for " How to Select an Advertising Agency”: (1) One-click access to descriptions for each criterion; (2) The software assists in summarizing ratings, (3) Default weights are provided for each criterion, but users can use equal weights or otherwise vary weights, (4) an Internet Excel sheet is used so it is more widely available (can also be used on tablets) and does not require user to have an Excel program. Please offer suggestions for this Beta version.

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New advertising course outline posted
15 Aug 2014 - Scott Armstrong

Much time was spent over the summer to develop an improved course outline for advertising (28 sessions of 80 minutes). It is in Word so Instructors can modify it for their own use. Self-learners can use it at their own pace. For an average learner, the course should take 126 hours. Self-learners can do exactly the same course as students at the Wharton School–at no cost. Research has shown that

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Daily Commercial

Principle - 4.2.1 Link the product to positive situations. - Complies
Volkswagen Fun Theory - 1:48

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Each commercial was selected to illustrate a single principle. Some show commercials that comply with a principle; others show ones that violate a principle. They are in numerical order; so if you would like to find an earlier one, refer to the complete list of commercials.



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Principle of the day:

6.1.1 Describe a problem and show how the product solves it

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